Live-Blog: Katie Hopkins at the Cambridge Union!

Eddie Millett 14 May 2014


Editor's note: Sorry for the typo.

20:37 PLUS our interview editors Hannah and Morwenna, who are talking with Hopkins now, will be publishing their findings. 

In the meantime, however, its GOODBYE from me down at the union. Hope you've (vicariously) enjoyed this as much as I have!

20:34 We're coming to the end of our live blog, and it certainly hasn't been uneventful. CHECK THE WEBSITE for more!! We'll be breaking down the utter dross coming out of the mouth of 'Britain's biggest bitch', and tracking a debate that has caused quite a bit of furore in the wonderful world of twitter. 

20:31 The diatribe is over. Katie Hopkins has pretty much pissed off most quarters of society, again: state school students, black children called Tyler, all women everywhere, even The Mirror. And me. #applause

20:30 Oh wait, she did just say that…"If you don't like it, don't put yourself out there"

20:28 On Everyday Sexism and getting wolf-whistled: 'I've come to accept that its just something that's going to happen every day'. She might as well be saying 'girls who dress suggestively are asking to be raped'. 

20:23 Tax avoidance, not evasion – 'I laud it' – Katie's argument goes that if you can afford a great tax lawyer, then great, go for it. 

Hopkins' arguments are about as nuanced as a being slapped in the face with a raw fish. or a rolled up copy of the Sun… 

20:20 Benefits are pointless because jobs really aren't that hard to get. #logicfail

20:18 'Are we really that weak that we let something like Page 3 hold us back?' Katie is a full supporter – 'its supply and demand, and the Sun's readership is going up every day.' 'Page 3 is not setting us back'.

20:16 'Daily Star: Crap. The Mirror: Terrible.' And as for page 3?

20:14 'I AM A MASSIVE SNOB'. smashed it, Katie, bravo. And that now, of course makes all the Tyler bashing OK (or Destiny/Hunter/Chardonnay or whatever)

20:13 'I never got to vote on being part of Britain/the EU/NATO/the UN – what's the difference with Europe?' asks one scion of the Union front-benches

20:10 Back on the old maternity leave gig: "As an employer, I don't want to pay for your decision to have a child". KT finds 'that whole mumsnet culture' 'difficult'.

20:05 'Why are you happy to discriminate on names if you claim not to do so on race?' one speaker asks.

20:03 back to the name debate. bit of a recurring theme with Madame Hopkins.

20:02 'Would you let your kids play with black children?' '

'We've changed schools now, the kids are at private school, its perfectly fine' – anything to do with the comparative numbers of black students at Private compared to State schools, KT?

20:00 KT points out: the nature of the media-world she operates in is such that the public have in many ways created her profile as to their liking – and that things can easily be taken out of context. 

19:59 In support of the claim that state school students actually do better at university, I refer you to the evidence published in March:

Good good – one of the stewards has challenged KT on the evidence that state schools students actually get better degrees from Oxbridge and elsewhere. No comment from the great debater. 

'I feel like I'm in the zoo'

19:57 KT has been challenged on the state-school standards point – 'do you not think we've lowered our standards enough by allowing you to come and speak here', asks one speaker from the floor.

19:55 Humzah (one of those names KT said she doesn't her kids mizing with at state school), speaking from the floor, asks 'why do have such an attack on state school children?'

19:53 RE the Oxbridge state/private quota – KT disagrees with the quota system in place that favours the state school applicant. 

19:52 'Social mobility? Ha!' This woman is literally a walking gaffe-machine, she's worse than a UKIP member. 

19:50 on State school kids at Oxbridge : 'preserving a elite system is a fantastic thing.' 

19:47 BENEFITS. the system 'drives me potty', 'Tyler' is being rewarded 'for not throwing the brick through the window'. #oversimplication #polemic #bullshit

19:45 KT on NAMES, apropos of the India/Asia debacle…Humzah, Tyler and Chardonnay are 'definitely Tesco names'

19:43 Katie has been speaking out against Caroline Criado-Perez, famed for the campaign to get more women on banknotes. Perez's reply, via twitter: "not watching I'm afraid. It's rare that I sit down of an evening & think, hmm, you know what's missing from my evening? a bit of @KTHopkins! #neverhappened"

19:39 If you could change one thing, KT, what would it be? 

Nothing, apparently – because 'my life isn't normal'

19:38 On EQUALITY: 'we are overpinned by Christian values, and they need to be protected.'

19:36 Auntie KT states sagely: 'Never read the comments section.' Actually, good advice…

'I dont intend to give offence, but you choose to be offended.'

19:33 Our good friend James MacAuley, who runs WhichMayBall (the eagle-eared will remember him from the TCS radio show talking about the Justin Timberlake rumours)  has tweeted us: 'Could someone give @KTHopkins a slap on behalf of Scotland? Can't believe @cambridgeunion are tolerating her bullshit'

19:31 'Im not a believer in Maternity Leave: you have to get back into the job your good at.' 6 weeks unpaid leave is a 'really good model', as is the US's hire-and-fire-at-will model. 

19:29 KT has been accused of doing her gender a disservice with her views on women. 

19:28 Speaking about the army, KT is adamantly anti-women on the front line of combat: 'We are emotional creatures, governed by emotion'. But it's ok, as KT says, her 'balls are slightly too large' to represent women. Certainly, the front line combat argument does have its nuances, and is not as cut-and-dried as gender equality in other areas – however, KT is holding no quarter.

19:25 Adam Blackhurst has tweeted : 'The issue with amplifying an idiot's voice is that other idiots listen'

19:23 KT on gender equality: 'I dont believe in anything thats skewed to get more women into jobs…I don't like women who complain.'

19:22 'I am perfectly prepared to be disliked. That's probably my USP.'

19:20 'The biggest bitch in Britain'. what does she reckon? 

'When my parents read in the Daily Mail that I'm the biggest bitch in Britain, they believed it.' And shes also been voted the second worst person after Putin, by Vice. 

19:19 KT (as I will be referring to her from now on) is standing for the 'We Demand a Referendum Now' party as MEP in the SW of England. She describes her position on Britain's relationship with the EU as being something like Switzerland, sorta in sorta out…

19:18 The format of this evening's debate is going to be a Q and A. Interviewer kicks off by going straight for the jugular: views on the EU

19:17 HOPKINS is in the house!

19:16 the Hopkins lowdown: she's a tabloid hack, supposed business-woman, ex-'star' of The Apprentice and I'm a Celebrity. And if you want to know why my notions of her are as they are, read this tweet from earlier today: "Cambridge Uni offered fewer state school students places last year. Since when was % state school students a criteria for success? Peverse." (what is that supposed to mean?)

19:08 Ok so you might be wondering who this Katie Hopkins individual is and why our esteemed Union have deemed her invitation-worthy?

Before I give any more details, it suffices to say that Katie, who's daughter is called India, is know to have claimed that she did not like "geographical location names" despite the fact that she had given the name India to one of her daughters, stating that India "is not related to a location". Right…

19:00 Hello and welcome to the Cambridge Union! It's a bright sunny evening in Cambridge, and things are certainly hotting up in the Union, in anticipation of what promises to be a controversial talk. I'm Eddie Millett, stick with me for the full Katie Hopkins experience…

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