LMBC sink after heavy bump by Caius

4 March 2011

Downing take headship as John’s park up

Despite a heroic display by the First and Third Trinity men on day 1, Downing finally caught up with them.

After a prolonged battle, as Downing slowly closed in, it finally proved too much for FAT, finally losing the headship after four years in control.

Meanwhile, third placed LMBC (St John’s) came to a grinding halt, impaled three feet onto the bank with their stern underwater after a convincing bump by Gonville and Caius at First Post. Bumping before Plough Reach, the prospect of a Downing-Caius showdown looks tantalisingly close, although everything rests on their performance chasing FAT today.

In the Women’s race, FAT continued to drop down the river, after taking another bump from Emmanuel. Downing dominated, setting the scene for what could be a memorable summer of Downing dominance.

Phil Brook

Photo Credit: Andy Marsh