Local election results: Cambridge goes red

Jack Ranson 23 May 2014

Cambridge city council has come under Labour control after the local elections held yesterday. They took seven seats, all from Liberal Democrat councillors, ending 14 years of Lib Dem rule in the city.

However three of the four main student seats; Newnham, Queen Edith’s and Castle, all voted against Labour. Newnham and Queen Edith’s retained Liberal Democrat councillors whilst Castle elected an independent candidate, by a slim 20 vote margin. 


Fred Cotterill, CULC’s Publicity Officer, told The Cambridge Student that he’s "phenomenally proud" of student activists who’ve played a part in this campaign. He also said that Market ward was a ‘well-deserved win’ for Labour.

"In East Chesterton, the result came down to ten votes and it's the same in Market", he went on. "Dan Ratcliffe [Labour councillor for Market] relied on CULC members. Don't let anyone pretend political activism is worthless. The Labour Club is proving the opposite, making concrete progressive change in our city". 

Labour now leads the council with a majority of eight.

Liberal Democrats

Lib Dem support in Cambridge has plummeted. Josh Watts, a first-year HSPS student and keen political commentator, told TCS that Labour "seem to have capitalized on Lib Dem weakness amongst the student community".

Colm Murphy, Magdalene student and member of CULC viewed it differently: "Those of us who voted sent a clear message to Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats. If you lie to us, you will be electorally punished".


Despite a Tab survey which suggested the Tories were top of student support, they finished bottom in all but one of the four main student wards. CUCA chairman Radley Cunliffe told TCS: "CUCA and the Conservative City Association campaigned hard together in Cambridge over the last few weeks. The Conservatives had a strong campaign presence in Cambridge and were able to maintain, or increase, their vote share in most wards".

The council was last run by Conservative councillors in 1979.


The Greens polled 5,700 votes across Cambridge but failed to gain any council seat. Despite massive national gains for UKIP, Cambridge’s one UKIP candidate finished in third place, whilst Puffles the Dragon Fairy, an independent candidate, was also left disappointed with only 89 votes. He tweeted this morning: "I feel I can look councillors in the eye having been through this election campaign".