Caroline Banerjee 28 January 2020



The most long-distance relationship

I’ve ever had,

Was with a man sleeping

Right beside me.

Sometimes I’d wake up in the

Dark hours, and just sit there,

Cross-legged on the bed,

Watching his ribcage rise and fall,

Like waves breaking against the side

of a small sea boat.

Outside his window, the streetlights cast

Weird patches of glow

Across the empty road.

I’d let them dapple my face

While he’d lie there, encased in a duvet

universe all of his own.

It’s a strange feeling, I think, to feel like you

Are more similar to a road

Than to a person. To watch the one you love

drift off into their own quiet sea,

Until it barely feels like you are touching at all.

Nowadays, we really do live in different worlds.

He walks around department stores,

While I sit in sky-top offices.

He sends me pictures of the sun

While it rains outside.

But it’s different now, somehow.

It’s like I can feel this strange light on my arms,

This warmth that tells me that somewhere out there,

A million miles away from home,

He’s awake too.


Caroline Banerjee