Loughborough too strong for Women's Volleyball team

18 January 2013

Once more, Loughborough University prove to be too strong for the Women’s Volleyball team. The Blues travelled there with the spirits high and the determination to make the best of this game, disregarding the unfavorable odds.

Having had only one training session for this term, they had to compete against an opponent who trains a lot more the whole season and has started this term two weeks earlier.

The Blues coach, Jean Jacquet, had to experiment a lot since the team didn’t have a full squad and not enough middle players. Trying Hsieh as a middle player in the first set, the team was slow at getting into the game, but continuously improving. Especially once the passing improved, the game was flowing more smoothly. However, lost serves cost the Cambridge team the first set, which ended 25-18. For the second set, coach Jacquet put Ana Tufegdzic Vidakovic as a middle and resumed Hsieh in her normal position as an opposite hitter. This worked better and the Cambridge team even came to lead the set, but in the end, the Blues lost 25-22. With no more strength to fight for the comeback, the Blues lost the third set 25-13 and returned home without the victory they had hoped for.

Squad: Christiana Smyrilli, Xenia Oshmian, Alice Hsieh Pei-Shan, Ana Tufegdzic Vidakovic, Katharina Bitzan, Jennifer Bellamy, Josephine Socratous (libero) Women’s coach: Jean Jacquet

Christiana Smyrilli – Women’s Volleyball Blues Captain