Louis Theroux Appreciation Party comes to Cambridge

Catherine Lally 14 November 2017

Fez will be hosting a Louis Theroux Appreciation Party on Friday night, bringing a celebration of the documentary-maker  to Cambridge. The Propaganda "Rock and Roll" night, which usually sees a smaller number of students than Friday Life, is held weekly on Fridays at Fez and at universities across the UK. 

The Louis Theroux night will also be making appearances at universities across the country, and while Theroux will not be present, the Facebook event promises free t-shirts and £3 guest list entry. Theroux's documentaries, spanning subjects from Scientology to 'mega' jails, and his deadpan style have gained him a cult following – with Stormzy declaring himself a fan. Theroux's most recent documentary, 'Talking to Anorexia', came out at the end of October.