Love is all around…

23 February 2008

1. Fitzwilliam Museum

Although not for everyone, during a visit to the Fitzwilliam Museum you can astound your date with your knowledge of medieval art and then sneak off to those deserted rooms for a quick snog.

2. Ice Skating at Peterborough

With all that potential for physical contact, ice skating has always been a popular romantic pastime. So if you fancy going a little further afield take the train out to Peterborough and hit the rink.

3. Great St. Mary’s

Climbing up the considerable flight of stairs of St Mary’s Church might leave you gasping for air, but the spectacular vista of Cambridge before you is sure to put the romance back into your relationship.

4. Arts Picture House Cinema

Going to the cinema has always been a staple first date; you can take it up a notch by going to the secluded and sophisticated Arts Picture House. The bar is a great place to go afterwards to discuss the film.

5. Le Gros Franck

An ordinary cafe during the day, this transforms into a fashionable and quaint French bistro by evening. Wine and dine your valentine in these surroundings; it’s like taking them to Paris without the hassle…

6. Cindies/Fez

If all else fails, drag your valentine onto the dance floor!

7. Punting to Grantchester/Punting along the backs/Grantchester Tea Rooms and orchard

Punting is a great opportunity for men to exhibit their physical prowess and women to sit there looking beautiful! What could be better than you and your valentine floating gently down the river past the beautiful architectural wonders of the Cambridge colleges? Or go up to Grantchester and take a relaxing walk in the orchards, a tranquil setting which inspired the likes of Rupert Brooke.

8. Bowling at the Junction

Want an opportunity to show off your skills and have a laugh? Bowling is an excellent opportunity to get up close and personal with that special someone.

9. The Nook at the Free Press

A great little pub in the back streets of Cambridge; if you can secure the nook at the back of the pub then you’re all set for a personal and romantic version of a great British tradition.

10. Cambridge Observatory

Fancy recreating that special moment between Ross and Rachel in Friends? Then check out the University of Cambridge Department of Astrology and spend an evening gazing at the stars.

11. Romantic walk along the river/pub lunch at the Plough/ visit to the botanical gardens

If punting isn’t for you, a stroll along the river might get those romantic juices flowing.