Luxury Cambridge housing development vandalised with Latin graffiti

Noella Chye 5 April 2017

A new development of river-side houses in Cambridge has been painted with Latin graffiti in what has been called one of the most stereotypically Cambridge protests ever.

The houses, located on Water Street, Chesterton, were daubed with the words ‘Locus in Domos Loci Populum’ in what is thought to be a protest against the development and the high price of housing in the area.

Built on the site of an old pub, the five-bedroom houses were put on the market at £1.25m each.

The incident has provoked debate among translators, with the quality of the Latin being criticised by some on social media.

Mary Beard, Professor of Classics at Newnham College, told the BBC: ‘This is a bit hard to translate, but I think what they’re trying to say is that a lovely place has been turned into houses.’

It has been suggested that the perpetrator may have used Google Translate, resulting in an unclear meaning.

Meanwhile there has been a backlash against the focus on the standard of the grammar in the graffiti, with Cambridge City Councillor Zoe O’Connell tweeting ‘only in Cambridge would people be more concerned that the Latin graffiti is bad Latin, rather than the fact it’s graffiti!’

Cambridgeshire Police were contacted at around 08:00AM to investigate ‘criminal damage in the form of graffiti’ on four of the five houses in the development.