Make your Own – 2: Decorative Drinks Toppers

Anastasia Bow-Bertrand 23 January 2014

Burns Night is almost upon us, so these unusual corks are perfectly timed to stopper your whisky in style. These drawer-handles-turned-decorative-stoppers are surprisingly useful for the occasional time wine gets left over, or as pretty touches to top off homemade liquor.

Difficulty: 2/5 (securing the handle in the cork can be fiddly)

Total Creative Time: 30 minutes

Shopping list:

Drawer handles/pulls (available on, or hardware stores)

Corks (available from Majestic Wine or

Screwdrivers (cross and slotted, available from generous Porters or hardware stores)

Liqueur and glass bottles


1. This craft is really as obvious as it looks. Gather your supplies, which may, like me, involve a detour via your friendly Porters’ Lodge to borrow some screwdrivers. Then have a drink.

2. Check that the cork size you have chosen fits into the decanters or bottles of your choice; standard wine corks usually do the job. Then choose your handles; those with a flat base often look better than round pulls, as they sit flush against the cork.

3. Depending on the attachment of the drawer handle, either screw or push the metal thread into the cork. With small handles, twist the screwdriver into the cork before pushing in the knob – this essentially offers a dry run.

4. Make sure the knob sits securely and straight against the cork. Then bung your beverages. Chin chin!

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