Make Your Own – 5: Map Heart Art

Anastasia Bow-Bertrand 13 February 2014

Of course Valentines are never last- minute, sweaty palmed gestures (#sarcasm), so plan ahead. Be it a grovelling apology to your discarded college spouse, your actual partner, or a would-be lover, this lovely craft will be well received. Choose a location that means something to you e.g. where you met them, spotted them (stalking dissauded), or hope to date them.

Difficulty: 1/5

Total Creative Time: 1⁄2 hour

Shopping List:

  • Box style (deep set) picture frame, 4 x 6 inches (try Debenhams; John Lewis)
  • Atlases/maps (check in Heffers)
  • Pritt Stick, scissors
  • Coloured card (try The Works)

1. Go shopping. The frame size listed works best for a memento, without being so large it’s offensively romantic. Choose your heart location and find a map. In my case, I met my boyfriend at Koko in London (classy, I know, but it holds great memories so it's my spot).

2. Cut the coloured card to fit behind the mount (inner frame). Then cut a heart from a scrap of paper (fold in half then cut a demi-heart for a symmetrical shape). Ensure the width is narrower than the mount’s inner border.

3. Using a pencil, draw around this heart template onto the backing coloured card and cut out. Glue the map of your choice to the back of this heart peephole piece of card. Check that your location is in the centre of the heart.

4. Consider writing a surprise message on the inner side of the coloured card before replacing the outer backing of the frame. Wrap up in saccharine tissue paper and frothy ribbon, and leave them guessing with an ‘X marks the spot’ label, or proffer in person. Homemade love really is the way to go.