Make your own: Wool wrapped letter book-end

Anastasia Bow-Bertrand 6 February 2014

Indulge in a little quick and easy craft to take your mind off the February gloom. Craft your own initial for some of that all-important ego-centrism, or make the most of this quick and pleasing gift idea.

Difficulty: 1/5 

Total Creative Time: 1 hour

Shopping List:  

Large ball of wool (available from haberdasheries)

Wooden or papier-mâché letter(s) (available from Hobbycraft or The Works) 

Scissors and PVA glue

Beads, sequins and embellishments (optional)


1. Secure one end of wool to your letter using glue. For letters with holes (e.g. the triangle within ‘A’) it’s easier to use smaller balls of wool so they fit through the hole in the wrapping process.

2. With letters with flat sides, work around the edges first, then the corners, laying each strand of wool flat against the last one to ensure an even overall layer. For the ‘A’, I started by wrapping the wool through the opening to cover the inside of the ‘hole’, wrapped it horizontally and then completed it by wrapping vertically.

3. Dab PVA glue under bits of wool to secure it. With curvy letters such as ‘C’ is it easiest to cover the ends first, and then use a continuous piece of wool to wrap around the main curvy part. One side of the curve will be bumpier than the other, but this should even out.

4. Secure the ends, decorate with embellishments if desired, and congratulate yourself for learning a letter of the alphabet.