Mansigani wins Students' Union presidential race

TCS News Team 4 March 2010

The results of the 2010 Cambridge University Students’ Union (CUSU) elections were announced last night.

Former Robinson JCR President Rahul Mansigani (pictured above left) will replace Tom Chigbo (pictured above right) as CUSU President on July 1st this year. Andy McGowan and Chris Lillycrop were elected uncontested to Access Officer and Co-ordinator, while Maria Helming will be Education Officer.

The most exciting contest of the night was for Women’s Officer, with Sarah Peters-Harrison narrowly beating Anna Goulding by just eight votes.

Voting turnout to elect this year’s sabbatical positions was less than in previous years, with only 1833 students placing votes online for one or more of the main sabbatical positions, the lowest number since online voting was introduced in 2008. Despite this, atmosphere as the votes were announced was positive.

Incoming President Rahul, who won 1,403 votes, three hundred more than the other candidate Beccy Talmy, told The Cambridge Student (TCS) that he was the “happiest I have been since I got to Cambridge”. He disagreed that voters were apathetic, but said that he wanted to get more people interested in CUSU.

Beccy Talmy was visibly upset by the result.

In the Women’s Officer election, Sarah Peters-Harrison received 591 votes, just eight more than Anna Goulding. Sarah said that she was “absolutely astounded”.

Current President Tom Chigbo echoed these sentiments, saying that the “turnout was significantly higher than at most other student unions.”

Chris Lillycrop was successful in his uncontested election for CUSU Coordinator. He said that he was “delighted to have won”. He added: “I believe I have good ideas that will take CUSU forwards and I am grateful to everyone who voted for me. I would also like to thank the CUSU Elections Committee and Trustees for doing most of my campaigning for me.”

Morgan Wild was elected Student Support Officer. Amina Rai Mumtaz was elected President of the Graduate Union.

TCS News Team