Massive win for Women’s Blues

Talia Gershon 29 January 2010

Rugby Union: Women’s Blues 57 Shelford 0

After a long break from rugby, the Cambridge Blues returned with a massive win in their RFU Women’s League. The match began with the whole team buzzing in anticipation of some hard play and big aggression. Within the first ten minutes, inside centre Lauren Iredale claimed two tries for herself.

The former come from a flash of inspiration, as she brilliantly intercepted a ball from the Shelford ten. The second came from a powerful run, beating and outpacing the Shelford ladies with her strength and speed.

And the scoring didn’t stop there, Iredale crossing the line twice more to seal a substantial lead. Outside centre, Laura Britton weighed into this impressive display too with two tries.

All the Cambridge backs were on form today, running excellent set pieces and making great decisions. Every one of them made it through some great gaps, tearing holes in the Shelford defence.

Dominating the scrums, the Cambridge forwards won and maintained good ball, and won several scrums against the head, with excellent work by Rici Marshall, at hooker, consolidating the backs’ hard work.

Cool, calm, and collected rucking allowed the Cambridge forwards to slow the ball down and drive around the rucks, providing a strong attacking base, upon which several strong forwards-based attacks were launched.

One try was scored by each of the second row players, Lou Anning and Lucy Chumas, who impressively powered through the hapless Shelford defence. Defence for the Blues proved relentless, preventing Shelford getting a foot back in the game and consolidated the high scoring rate.

As the game went on, the fitness and stamina exhibited by the Cambridge girls was another clear asset, leaving Shelford to troop back to their posts on numerous occasions.

Daisy Iredale was justly Back of the match in her stirling display, whilst hooker Rici Marshall’s strong scrum-work provided a vital base for the Blues.

The game continued the Blues’ winning streak putting them close to topping the table.

Talia Gershon