May Ball Review: Emmanuel – Commonwealth

Mike Perfect 3 July 2009

There was quite some controversy over Emma’s choice of theme for their 2009 May Ball. Given that the original theme of “Empire” proved, understandably, to be so contentious, they decided instead to opt instead for something, well, non-existent: the “Victorian Commonwealth”.

One comment on the night was that this May Ball was not “seamless”, but then Empire was never exactly that, was it? Regardless, this was one of few complaints, and it turns out that the entirely imaginary world of wonders that is the “Victorian Commonwealth” was to feature an impressive range of food, drink and entertainment, with curiosities of note including Artful Dodger and, of all people, Cornershop.

The only real disappointment was comedy act “House of Windsor”, who seem to be to “The Inbetweeners” what Horne and Corden are to “Gavin and Stacey”.

Mike Perfect