May Ball Review: Queens’ – The Beautiful and the Damned

Jane Ashford-Thom 6 July 2009

When the only negative thought you have after a Ball is that there wasn’t enough time to see and do everything that you wanted to, you know that it’s been a good night. The food was delicious and the alcohol flowed freely throughout the night. At least the first hour was spent going from tent to tent sampling all of the range of food, cocktails and shots that they had, the only barrier being a relatively short queue. Indeed, Queens’ shaped up to be a pretty good ball to go to for those averse to Trinity-esque queuing.

Its entertainment lived up to Queens’ reputation, though the excess of shots being passed around may have caused some to miss out on them (see photo). Florence and the Machine established themselves as ‘one to watch out for’, especially considering that in the past this ball has showcased the likes of the Kaiser Chiefs.

There was something for everyone, with boy band cover music briefly turning one of the marquees into a very formal, less crowded Cindies, but professional jazz after to satisfy those with more ‘refined’ tastes. However, despite being a fan myself, I reckon that after over 3 years of DJ-ing pretty much every Queens’ bop, we might have been able to pull it off without Olly Riley-Smith!

The fireworks were about 2 minutes after the St Johns ones started, which unfortunately distracted people initially. However, once Queens’ started, it exceeded all my expectations, particularly as Queens’ students love to tell you how very poor we are. The performance was not in keeping with the Trinity tradition of blowing up £500 every 2 seconds, or the Johns tradition of trying to outdo this, but it still monopolised everyone’s attention from what was happening downstream.

Overall, this event has proven beyond all doubt that Queens’ is a college that knows how to party, as if this had not already been demonstrated by Bounce on Suicide Sunday.

Jane Ashford-Thom