May Week Editorial

Ryan Roark, Editor 27 June 2009

As 2008-09 comes to a close, this issue of TCS is meant to highlight the best of May Week and some of the most noteworthy events of the University’s 800th year. When you’re done reminiscing, the enclosed issue of Thursday gives you some things to look forward to over the summer.

This year we sent out our resident drinking gurus Benjamin Morris and Bradon Smith, authors of “Raising the Bar”, to apply their expertise to May Week celebrations. You can read about their experience at St John’s May Ball—and their roundup of other balls and May Week ents—in our Investigations section.

To learn about what goes into planning these massive parties, turn to Features, where you can also read about porters’ memories of past May Weeks. Flip to Sport for the play-by-play of that other major event from May Week—Bumps!

While you’re still in the festive mood, Bursting the Bubble reviews some of the most exciting and unusual celebrations across the globe. The other international feature in this issue gives some global context to the academic year, reminding us of the biggest events worldwide that caught our attention even in our Cambridge bubble. Memorable events from inside the bubble are rounded up in News in Pictures (let us never forget the big snow of 2009!). News also takes an in-depth look at how the economic crisis has affected students’ plans for the future, and at the festivities surrounding the 800th anniversary of Cambridge. And as usual, News keeps you up to date on what’s been happening since the last issue of TCS.

Now that May Week is nearly over, it’s time to start thinking about the summer. This issue of Thursday opens with our top suggestions of movies and plays to see this summer. For more ideas, Features hits the streets to ask students about their plans for the months ahead, while Prudence gives you tips on holiday romances. Features also gives advice to those of you still trying to figure out how to get the most travel out of your student budget. If you want to see a bit of art over the vacation, turn to Arts & Literature to read about the current exhibition on at the Tate Britain; or for those of you staying in Cambridge, the Arts & Lit editors recommend that you enjoy the art in your own backyard by taking one (or two or three) of the Cambridge Sculpture Trails. And if you want to channel a bit of May Week over your vacation, Food & Drink provides alcohol-based recipes—and a few hangover cures to boot.

We hope this May Week edition reminds you of some of the high points of the year and gives you something to look forward to…. Speaking of things to look forward to, look out next year for a new and improved Thursday magazine! That’s all I’ll say for now; to find out the details you will have to check it out in Michaelmas Term. Happy vacations!

Ryan Roark, Editor