Mayoral candidate invites President Trump to visit Cambridge during controversial state visit

Reetika Subramanian 27 February 2017

At a time when anti-Trump protests have been soaring in decibel levels, a candiate for mayor of Cambridgeshire has sent the American President a written invitation to visit Cambridge city during his state visit in June this year.

Stephen Goldspink, former councillor and deputy council leader in Peterborough, will be contesting the mayoral elections in the month of May as the English Democrats’ Mayoral Candidate. According to a report published in the Cambridge News, he has asked the American President to visit the city as guest of the mayor on his state visit in June.

“I want to reassure you that huge numbers of English people are delighted with your election and pleased that you will be coming to England in June…I would personally like to congratulate you on, not only on your election, but also on the terrific start which you have made in trying to do what you said you would do in the campaign," wrote Goldspink in his letter to the President.  

The mayoral candidate also added: “Here in England there are many of our establishment politicians who are very afraid that actually trying to fulfil campaign promises will catch on!" While referring to theHouse of Commons Speaker, John Bercow, Goldspink stated, “This is a man who has welcomed many dictators yet wants to stop a democratically elected leader of the US from attending."

However, this move has been severely condemned by many Cambridge residents and officials. For instance, Cambridge MP Daniel Zeichner has reportedly been an outspoken critic of President Trump and has said there should be “no question” of him visiting the UK while his 'travel ban' remains in place.