McBusted Madness: confessions of a superfan

Freya Sanders 24 November 2013

The defining moments in one’s childhood can usually be recalled with crystal clarity in times of crisis; one such moment that always comes back to me occurred on 1st December 2008. Clutching a Santa hat, a programme, and an ‘I <3 Harry’ poster in trembling, thirteen-year-old hands, I walked into Sheffield Arena to see my first live music show: McFly’s ‘All the Greatest Hits’ Tour. That evening, five years of fandom – which at times verged on the creepy – were rewarded: I remember vividly that there was a second in which Dougie and I almost certainly made eye contact.

But defining moments aren’t always positive; as I screamed – accurately – the lyrics of ‘All the Greatest Hits’, I was still recovering from the trauma of 14th January 2005, the black day on which another beloved boyband announced they were planning to split. Busted had only made 2 glorious albums when they called it a day and broke thousands of teenage hearts.

But now they are to return. When I was first heard of the supergroup McBusted, I assumed I was the victim of a cruel joke. Surely the music industry couldn’t fulfil such a wild, wonderful fantasy? But the media spoke the truth: after playing together at McFly’s 10th Anniversary Concert at the Royal Albert Hall, the two bands – minus Busted’s Charlie – will be joining forces for a 2014 tour.

I can safely say that my teenage self’s excitement to see McFly pales in comparison to my current emotions. They say that true love never dies; even through McFly’s angry pubescent era – in which they signed their own record label and almost swore in a song – I waited patiently. A low point was when Harry went on Strictly. At least he won.

There were times when I despaired, but ever since the release of ‘Love is Easy’ a year ago, McFly has been back on track. And their next single ‘Love is on the Radio’, is of the same ilk. So this McBusted news is really just the cherry on the top of the cake for we McFly fans. Who said that all good things come to an end? These two boybands just seem to be getting bigger and better.