McBusted: quite simply the best idea, ever.

Asia Lambert 30 April 2014

When I first heard about the McBusted tour last year, initially I thought it was a cruel joke being played on the heartstrings of the teenage generation. Luckily, it wasn’t. Soon I became caught up in the prospect of seeing my favourite band, almost but not quite, reforming; something which my 10-year-old self who felt her world was breaking when Busted split back in 2005, would have felt comforted by no end. 

After talking to the ‘rents and telling them about my eagerness for them to buy tickets when they came on sale in just a few days time, I thought all was sealed and my new found dreams would be made. But… no. They hadn’t taken me quite seriously enough at first and after ringing up about 10 minutes after the box office opened my dreams were dashed. “Buy some online now and I’ll give you the money later”, Dad had replied. Little did he realise that the whole online network was going crazy and that tickets had already sold before most of us here at Cam could get their eduroam connection to get going again. Damn you eduroam!

A few hours later, I received a text message which wouldn’t have seemed out of place in some mafia themed movie: ‘I’ve taken care of it’ was all it said, but, such is the style of communication between my Dad and I, I knew exactly what it meant. Thursday 24th April was the date scrawled in my diary, and last week when that illusive date finally arrived. I embarked on what was to become one of the best music experiences of my life. 

Now I don’t like to brag much, but I’ve seen more than my fair share of bands over the years. But McBusted, despite all the claims that it was an excessive farce purely to earn a ludicrous amount of money were quite simply everything I  wanted them to be. They reminded me why I loved them in the first place, why I could listen to their music change over the years without frustration and, more fundamentally, why I could stand there now at 19 and still find them enthralling, singing along to every line like I was an 8 year-old again.

They brought life and energy to the sold out O2 arena and knew how to make fun of themselves in all the right ways. James and Matt appeared in a DeLorean coming down from the rafters, after a previously filmed intro saw Busted split up only for the two lads to decide they needed to come back to the future in order to save Mcfly. Later in the show they descended on a silver spaceship in the middle of the arena whilst playing ‘Star Girl’, and for the ‘Year 3000’ finale, large triple-breast inflatables appeared above the stage. Chuck in the added extras of Matt carrying Dougie whilst dressed as a Bride for ‘Crashed the Wedding’ and the on-stage banter about quite frankly disgusting sexual practices and you have yourselves a successful show. 

I couldn’t stop grinning and squeaking at every new gimmick, my 6th row position providing just enough space to ensure none of the boys I craved would actually see my personal squeals, but oh yes, I could definitely see theirs.

Rating? 10/10. Yeah I know.