Meningitis victims recover

Pete Jefferys 9 November 2007

Fears of a meningitis epidemic in the University have been allayed, as the three Cambridge victims have been released from hospital.

Two students from St. Catharine’s College. and one from Trinity College were admitted to Addenbrooke’s after showing symptoms of the disease.

They have now returned home, and are well on the way to making full recoveries before carrying on at their colleges.

University officials said that the cases were not thought to be linked.

The two men and one woman who contracted the illness were treated with antibiotics and discharged on Monday, a week after being admitted to hospital.

There has been some disruption to university life, as a rugby match between Trinity and Catz. was cancelled amid fears of an epidemic.

But a spokesperson for the University said, “There is no need to panic and life should go on as normal”.

Doctors monitored students who had been in close contact with the victims and offered antibiotics to help prevent a wider outbreak; the Health Protection Agency (HPA) were also kept informed of developments.

A spokesperson for St. Catherine’s College said “we are working closely with the University and the Health Protection Agency to investigate links between the two cases and to identify the small number of individuals who are likely to have been in prolonged close contact with either or both patients.”

A Health Protection Agency official confirmed that small outbreaks of meningitis are not uncommon amongst students.

“Every year there are one or two cases at Universities when students go back.

“It’s business as usual. If anyone has any concerns they should go to their GP”.

Pete Jefferys