“Michael Moore is a c***”

Article First Published 20 October 2011 1 May 2012

“Michael Moore is a c***”

500 ticket-holders have been left disappointed after the Cambridge University Festival of Ideas’ keynote speaker, Michael Moore, cancelled his Friday appearance with less than two weeks’ notice.

Whilst the University is “disappointed” at the cancellation, not everyone has reacted so calmly. Moore’s UK representative David Johnson, who arranged the rest of his nationwide tour, launched into a foul-mouthed tirade on his Facebook page, accusing Moore of being an “ego-fuelled celeb”, a “minor sleb” and “a complete and utter cunt”: Johnson even went on to ask readers to suggest ‘any other ways that Michael Moore is a cunt’ and to list them on his Facebook page. Johnson’s ire is understandable, given that he stands to lose £28,000 from the cancelled UK tour.

When asked for comment, Johnson told TCS: “I think I’ve said MORE than enough already!” but was keen to stress that he was “very sorry” that Moore was ill. “With live shows these things sometimes do happen and thousands of people are inconvenienced. I still have tremendous respect for Mike and his work and I hope he gets well soon – he just has rather bad manners sometimes.”

The tour was to promote Moore’s new book, Here Comes Trouble: Stories from my Life, but was cancelled due to illness.

On 13th October, Moore publicly apologised to his Twitter followers: “Good friends & dear fans in the UK & Ireland: I have to postpone my book tour overseas. I am very, very sorry. I promise to reschedule soon!”

The event was due to take place at the West Road Concert Hall this Friday and was going to involve both a talk about Here Comes Trouble and a book-signing. A spokesperson for the Festival of Ideas told TCS that ‘people who booked tickets are eligible for a refund via the ADC box office. The proceeds would have covered the hire of the venue and would have gone towards speaker fees and marketing costs for future Festivals’

The University Press Office added, “It is very disappointing but there are plenty of other very well-subscribed exciting events in the UK’s biggest arts and humanities festival.”

Michael Moore’s office was not available for comment.

Zoah Hedges-Stocks – Co-Editor

Article First Published 20 October 2011