More bursaries are needed to redress the balance of fees

Jack May 26 November 2015

The headline statistic may indeed be a surprising one: proportionally speaking, university fees are higher here than anywhere else in the world. However, UK state fees are obviously still lower than those at elite private universities, such as the Ivy League.

Nonetheless, the call must be continued to be made for ever more bursaries, grants, and scholarships to UK universities, to match public universities across the world.

On a Cambridge level, one hope might be that much of the financial reward from the Dear World, Yours Cambridge campaign will go towards supporting further bursaries for students less able to afford the steep costs of a university education.

This is not only good for access, but will further improve the standing of the University, thus attracting an ever higher calibre of student.

It is wise to avoid hysteria on the fees subject. For the most part, financial support is available, the terms of student loans are
still relatively favourable (unless further changes are enforced by the government), and the financial burden on the average student over their lifetime is not crippling.