“Most dangerous man in Britain” calls for attack on Boat Race

Alice Gormley - Deputy News Editor 24 November 2011

Notorious anarchist, Ian Bone, has written of plans to violently attack rowers in the upcoming Oxbridge race on his blog.

Titled “Sink the Bismarck”, Bone’s blog was posted on 15th November 2011, and contained numerous incitements to violence.

“The banks of the Thames are thronged with drinkers…trying to enthuse us about an elite race for toffs no one else gives a flying fuck about”, Bone rages. He added, “around 1986 a certain bright spark from Australia suggested pouring petrol from Putney Bridge and tossing a match in just as the crews went under. They’d go in all pristine white and come out like chimney sweeps the other side!”

Labelled “the most dangerous man in Britain” by the Sunday People in 1984, Bone owns a number of anarchist publications, including Class War and The Bristolian, and has been actively involved in social campaigns such as the 2001 “Vote Nobody” election campaign. The infamous figure published his autobiography “Bash the Rich” in 2006, which is currently undergoing adaptation into a film.

The Cambridge-Oxford Boat Race, formally known as the Xchanging Boat Race, has been an institution since 1856, and is held on the London Thames. The next race will be held on Saturday 7 April, 2012.

Alice Gormley – Deputy News Editor