MotionMap wants to make transport better, faster and easier in Cambridge

Noella Chye 25 March 2017

In a series of increased efforts to position Cambridge as a hub for innovation, an intelligent transport app allowing you to view real time transport data is being developed by local tech company Building Intellect Ltd in partnership with the Smart Cambridge Programme. 

When fully developed, MotionMap will enable all members of the public to visualise the movement of vehicles and pedestrians across the city in order to pick the least congested route and make better, faster, and easier transport decisions, free-of-charge. The app also features a mechanism that calculates the best route for its users, then makes the relevant bookings for you. 

This comes as one of multiple efforts put forth by the Smart Cambridge Programme. Founded by Greater Cambridge City Deal in 2015, the programme aims to make Cambridge a smart city, which it defines as one which harnesses digital technology to address city challenges in four key areas: transport, the environment, healthcare, and smart living (which refers to living a higher quality of life). The organisation recently unveiled a video detailing its mission and vision. Claire Ruskin, CEO of Cambridge Network and Greater Cambridge City Deal Assembly Member says, “Cambridge is where the atom was split, the structure of DNA was discovered, and countless other world-changing ideas continue to be developed. (…) With citizens who are interested and engaged, a world-leading university, cutting-edge technology businesses, we are well placed to develop smart solutions that face all growing cities.” Upcoming projects will focus on developing intelligent mobility such as integrated ticketing and online payments, trialling driverless vehicles and the feasibility of an AVRT (advanced very rapid transit system) for Cambridge and the surrounding areas, Cambridge News reports. The university is a partner in a three-year, multi-million pound project to develop driverless vehicles and test public reaction after a winning bid in 2014 to integrate driverless cars into everyday life.

MotionMap will be launched this summer.