National pro-life group rescinds statement that Lola Olufemi blocked their freedom of speech

Caithlin Ng 13 January 2018

Alliance of Pro-Life Students (ALS), a national pro-life student group, has rescinded its claim that Cambridge University’s women’s officer Lola Olufemi had infringed upon freedom of speech by refusing to meet with Cambridge Students for Life (CSFL) members.

ALS’ claim was part of evidence for a government enquiry into freedom of speech on university campuses, and was included in a document on parliament’s national website. The document details other incidents in universities across the UK, which have resulted in “an increasing amount of hostility on campus towards the freedom of speech of pro-life students”.

The original version of the document included the claim that Olufemi had refused to meet the Cambridge pro-life society, which was supposedly based on information from CSFL. The document read: “Since September 2017 the women’s officer, despite it being her occupation to advocate for female students on campus, will not meet with the female leader of Cambridge Students for Life, for any reason at all, simply because ‘Any association between us would compromise my own moral values’.”

However, CSFL have since rejected this claim, stating that the information had been given without their awareness. The claim has since been blanked out on ALS’ document.  

ALS nevertheless provides evidence of censorship in Cambridge University from other years, claiming that the Student Union Women’s Campaign “stole leaflets, put up flyers, talked to Life Society committee members under misleading conditions, and accused them of homophobia” at the Freshers Fayre in 2014.  Other universities mentioned in the document include Oxford University, King’s College London and Glasgow University.