Newnham College netballers go all the way

Kate Russell 13 March 2012

Newnham were victorious in this year’s netball Cuppers competition. Having lost out in last year’s final, the girls were keen to go all the way this time round, and after a day of gruelling match-ups managed to take the title by beating Murray Edwards 15-14 in the final.

The team took a little while to warm up, but shooters Rachel Butler and Charlie Thorne proved to be indispensible assets. They were an incredible combination at GA and GS, which produced a real chemistry in the attacking third.

The match against Emma was the main point of tension in the early stages; Newnham had never played them before and adrenalin was high due to Emma’s fearsome reputation. Newnham’s nerves showed and they conceded 3 goals before beginning to pop shots in. Nevertheless they were victorious and managed to make it through to the afternoon stages.

The semi-finals saw a great increase in suspense. Both Queens and Newnham played determined and forceful games, but Newnham seemed to have more stamina, with excellent defence by Immie Maxwell and Emily Woodhouse, and a winning WA in the form of Hannah Pennicott.

But it was the final match against Murray Edwards that generated the most excitement. Both were clearly capable teams, turning over goals quickly and convincingly, but Newnham wanted it more. They kept a cool head and ignored the pressure, Sofia Anderson as GA creating a real impact in the attacking third. The match ended 15-14 to Newnham and the relief and delight was palpable. Both teams had demonstrated real skill, but Newnham’s tenacity shone through.

Kate Russell