News in Brief

8 October 2007

Letter bomber jailed: A school caretaker from Cherry Hinton who injured eight people with a series of letter bombs has been sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment. It took just one hour for the jury to find 27-year-old Miles Cooper guilty.

Intrepid intruder: A helicopter soared overhead as an unidentified assailant scaled a 15-foot glass-topped wall to break into Christ’s fellows’ garden. The incident occurred after dark, following a freshers’ mingle on Sunday. The lawless local attempted to escape but was rugby-tackled to the ground and detained until the police arrived.

Top of the trees: Emmanuel fellow Dr Roger Gray has celebrated the life of his college’s famous tree in a new presentation book. The Great Oriental Plane tree – which stands in the fellows’ garden – was honoured in the Spanish wartime poem ‘El Arból’.