Null and Void: Hackers’ attack on University a mere “publicity stunt”

A group of hackers calling themselves NullCrew claim to have revealed the details of over 4000 Cambridge University staff. The motive behind the attack is unclear, although it seems to be in support of Julian Assange. When pushed for more information they tweeted "just tweet at us, then DM us and we'll sort it out form there privately."

The ambiguous intentions and the haphazard execution have lead members of 'hacking group Anonymous to speak out against the attack. One detractor claimed "hacking University databases on such a flimsy pretext just makes them look more like a bowel movement." With another asserting "I have not made my mind about Mr Assange but I doubt that these kids, even care about him."

NullCrew have a small following on Twitter and their attacks have been dismissed by the University as "publicity stunts." Out of the 4000 members' details released, only 190 passwords were revealed, however all 190 passwords appear to be encrypted, rendering them useless. The hackers most likely used an unsophisticated SQL injection, a basic attack that many popular public websites are subjected to everyday. NullCrew claims more attacks will follow if the University continues to ignore them.

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