Chaos at Cambridge nightclub

Last Tuesday night at Cindies (officially ‘Ballare'), police were called by a student who was being crushed in the mismanaged queue. There appeared to be a lack of orderly queuing system on the night of the 11th of June, as students celebrating the end of exams described the scene as "crazy", a "scrum" and "manic".

Cambridgeshire Police confirmed that: "There is record of a call being made just before midnight but no suggestion any action was taken." According to the nightclub, one complaint was dealt with in relation to that night.

One second year English student who was close to fainting in the queue said: "They clearly had far too few bouncers to control the queue. There was only one man trying to block off the stairs and check ID and so he couldn't make the crowd form an orderly queue.

"I was crushed as everyone pushed forwards; it was very claustrophobic and at one point I thought I was going to faint. It was like being at the front of a gig. They really needed an increase in staff members."

According to the nightclub, however, the club only opened at 10:30pm and there was no issue with capacity, which it states was only at 20%.

The student who raised the alarm with police was unavailable for comment.

Speaking to TCS, Andrew Barney, manager ofBallare, said: "The safety and enjoyment of our customers is always our main priority. Whilst there was a minor issue in the queue on Tuesday night, it was dealt with swiftly and safely by our team and the Police were not involved.

"We recognise that it's the end of exam season and our customers are keen to get out there and celebrate, but we'd urge them to behave responsibly when waiting to get into the club."

Ballare has run as a nightclub in Cambridge since the 1970s, having been branded previously as Ronelles, Cinderella Rockerfellas and Fifth Avenue.

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