Fire at Clare College Colony

A fire broke out on Tuesday in accommodation at Clare Colony, a section of student rooms belonging to Clare College, leading to five crews of firefighters being called to the scene on Castle Street.

According to a spokesman for Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service, the fire started on the balcony of a first-floor flat, which then spread onto the roof.

After the crews had been called at about 14.15, it took approximately an hour to extinguish the blaze; however, crews remained on the scene to cut away sections of the roof to ensure that the fire would not spread any further, by removing any further "hotspots". At the same time, their spokesman claimed that there was no threat to public safety currently.

Yesterday evening, it was not clear how the fire had started; however, as of 10 AM today, initial investigations have established that the fire was most likely an accident.

It has been suggested that the blaze was initially started by a barbeque that had leapt out of control, although it this has not been confirmed.

However, the authorities have announced that they will continue their invetiagations into the specific cause of the fire.

According to Dave Allen, Fire Investigator, "Following preliminary investigations and with the information available, the most likely cause of the fire was accidental, by person.

"Further investigations are continuing in to the exact ignition source of the fire."

Yesterday's fire was dealt with by one crew from Linton, one crew from Sawston, and two crews and a turntable ladder crew from Cambridge; the fire led to a brief disruption to Castle Street, which was closed by the crews for a time.

Thankfully, there were no reported injuries.

Donald Hearn, the bursar of Clare College, said the flat had been occupied by language students following the end of the university term.

He said: "The cause of the flames is unknown but all the students have been relocated out of that building. Everybody has been accounted for."

Oli Thicknesse

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