Cantabs' bike-theft apathy

Image credit: Pascal Maramis

Cambridgeshire Constabulary are warning students to be especially vigilant about bicycle crime after a series of ‘thefts’ staged as part of the city’s Operation Huntsman went completely unreported.

Four incidents involving plain-clothes police officers ‘stealing’ police-owned bicycles were recorded by CCTV and uploaded to YouTube by the police force. These took place on King’s Parade, in Market Square, outside Anglia Ruskin and in the Leisure Park off Hills Road.

In one instance, the ‘thief’ used bright orange bolt cutters in an obvious attempt to provoke witnesses into calling the police. Nevertheless, not a single member of the public attempted to report these crimes.

In a press release, Sergeant Andrea Gilbert cautioned: “People are too reliant on others to report crime, but we need everyone to play their part. If you don’t call police it means those thieves are potentially free to strike again – and next time you could be the victim.”

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