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23:57: Kevin Chang, radical candidate who stands for abolition of ALL student debt, elected as NUS delegate, along with Rosalyn Old, Mark Chonofsky and RON. That's it from us here at the Grad Union - more analysis and interviews to follow in tomorrow's print edition! TCS OUT!

23:26: MORE RESULTS NEWS- Helena Blair wins Access and Funding Officer defeating Terri-Leigh Riley 1419 votes to 845 in a second round of voting with RON eliminated after the first round after getting a measly 594 votes! 

23:21: BREAKING: Helen wins CUSU Presidency, defeating the insidious RON 1586 votes to 1089!!

23:09: Things are hotting up here at the CUSU elections... Is that RON by the bar? #Where'sRONny?

23:00: In the first round of voting for university CUSU councillor, Richard received 760 votes, Natalia 659, and RON 814. In the second round Richard received 1195, Natalia was eliminated, and RON received 842. stRONg stuff !

22:50: Richard Jones confirmed as University CUSU Councillor defeating Natalia Kudryashova in second round of voting: RON won the first round!

22:26: Celebrations in Camp Horgan...


22:22: FIRST RESULTS ARE IN: Rob Richardson received 1587 votes and RON received 972 while Amelia Horgan received 613 votes and RON received 303. 

22:15: Rob Richardson confirmed as CUSU Education Officer and General Board Member and Amelia Horgan confirmed as CUSU Women's Officer. Stats to follow soon...

22:00: Remember kids: Always vote responsibly #punnynotpunny

21:55: Empty ballot boxes piling up here... #frontlinedemocracy

21:45: Girton's box has just arrived: grumblings from CUSU that it actually cost them £20 to ship it from the Republic of #Girton!

21:40: We stand corrected thank you @JemmaStewart for pointing out on twitter that Homerton had their ballot boxes in to be counted over an hour ago-- speedy cycling from the outskirts! 

21:30 - CUSU have enlisted the help of veteran vote counters who have been counting CUSU votes since the 70s. And have a closer look, Varsity being put to best use...

21:20 - Still waiting on three dispatch boxes from the furthest colleges here at the Graduate Union #Girton #Homerton

20:45 - Look who we've coaxed out of retirement! Auntie, the TCS Eagle of Truth and Justice, is back, and ready to provide us with his gems of electoral wisdom. He's currently chilling in the TCS Offices, but will be flapping over to the Grad Union later in the evening.

20:15 - We're going to be live-blogging the CUSU elections from 21:00. Get keen!

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