Whistleblower alleges regular "Riot Nights" at Bassingbourn Barracks

Bassingbourn Barracks Image credit: DigitalGlobe, Getmapping, Infoterra, Bluesky, The GeoInformation Group; via Google

A whistleblower at Bassingbourn Barracks has claimed that the breakdown in discipline amongst resident Libyan soldiers was worse than has previously been reported.

According to ‘John', Thursday nights at the Barracks came to be known as “riot night”. Allegedly, soldiers would be taken by minibus to a Tesco in Royston where they would proceed to buy alcohol and take it back to base.

He described what would happen next to Channel 4: “They would get really drunk and there were a few incidents of stabbings and fights.

“I saw one guy stab another in the neck but luckily it was with a butter knife so it didn't penetrate.

“When they were drunk a few guys pinned another down and attempted to rape him ... I know that they were arrested, and I think they were deported.

“The victim's cousin was also sent back because he retaliated and stabbed one of the perpetrators.”

These comments have come after five Libyan soldiers based at Bassingbourn Barracks were remanded in custody in connection with a recent spate of sexual assaults.

The Ministry of Defence told The Cambridge Student in a statement earlier this week: “As the Prime Minister said, the Ministry of Defence will be reviewing all aspects of the training programme at Bassingbourn including disciplinary issues. This will inform National Security Council decisions about future training programmes for the Libyan security forces.”

Last week, it was announced that over 300 Libyan cadets would be sent home earlier than planned. Five Libyan soldiers are believed to have applied for asylum. However, this was rejected by Prime Minister David Cameron during Prime Minister's Questions on 5 November.

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