E&R fur boycott undermined by withdrawn allegations

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The anti-fur boycott of Ede & Ravenscroft, that was supported by CUSU and KCSU, has been severely undermined after crucial allegations have been withdrawn.

Toby Crisford, a member of the Cambridge University Vegan Society, accused the historic gown supplier of “bypassing” UK laws, specifically an act passed in 2000 that banned farmed animal fur in England and Wales, by importing fur from abroad.

This has been strongly denied by Ede & Ravenscroft who, in a statement to The Cambridge Student, asserted that “Ede & Ravenscroft does not import/use fur from animals farmed for their fur”, nor do they bypass UK laws. They added: “Ede and Ravenscroft does not in any event use any real fur on academic dress.”

As a result, Toby Crisford has withdrawn the allegations.

The boycott was supported by CUSU on Monday 17 November after a vote at a CUSU council. Having already been supported by King’s College Student Union, it was further backed by Green Party candidate for the 2015 General Election, Rupert Read.

The boycott was designed to be part of a wider campaign: ‘Fur Free Cambridge’.

When asked for comment on what these revelations meant for the boycott, CUSU President Helen Hoogerwerf-McComb said: “If it is true that the boycott motion was passed based on false information, this is obviously unfortunate and CUSU Council representatives will have the opportunity to withdraw the policy or to replace it with amended policy if they wish.” The President of the King’s College Student Union and Toby Crisford declined to comment.

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