“Known interloper” seen loitering in King's library

Picture circulated by King's College Head Porter

Students and staff at King’s College have been warned not to engage with a serial interloper who has reportedly entered private college premises while masquerading as an academic. The warning came in an email from Head Porter Neil Seabridge who described the man as a “known interloper” who has been seen at multiple other colleges.

The man was spotted in King’s library on Saturday 22 November. “He entered by loitering at the entrance, waiting for someone to exit and then catching the door to prevent it closing. His behaviour was such that he drew attention to himself causing some others present to question his presence,” wrote Seabridge.

As a result, Seabridge contacted other colleges and university security, and established that “this man regularly enters colleges uninvited. Indeed, about 18 months ago he was in the habit of regularly attending King’s.More recently he was at a function at Clare where he passed himself off as a Fellow.

“He is known to engage students and Fellows and discuss academic (and social) pursuits, even asking for copies of essays etc. which he then uses as a basis for further integration opportunity,” Seabridge continued.

Attached to the email was a picture of the man, whom Seabridge has named as “Jason”. Porters at Christ’s and Jesus identified the photograph as Jason Wakefield to The Cambridge Student reporters, and that the name had been circulated, but suggested that he “doesn’t pose any particular threat.” A member of the Cambridge University security team told TCS that there was infrastructure in place to ensure "good communication between the police and the University" on matters such as this.

Seabridge warned: “My advice is not to engage with him conversationally or through social media either in King’s, other university venues or the pubs and clubs of Cambridge.”

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