"Hate-filled" homophobic "Christmas" leaflets distributed in Cambridge

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A man purporting to be a Christian ‘brother’ has claimed responsibility for distributing a new batch of homophobic, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic and misogynistic leaflets to Cambridge residents, just ahead of Christmas. It is the latest in a series of similar leaflets.

The leaflet, entitled ‘Christmas, Christ and Antichrist’, reads in part: “Homosexuals, like vampires in their insatiable lust, prey upon youth, as they conspire to create more of their own kind, meanwhile busy abusing each other’s anuses and worshiping (sic) their own and each others’ penises in a festival of authentic Satanism.

“This corruption of youth ‘cries to heaven for vengeance’. While the pale, pathetic world of lesbianism de-feminises women and makes demonic mockery of true womanhood, embodied in the Blessed Virgin Mary.”

Following the distribution of the leaflet, PinkNews, which has covered this and similar stories around the UK, reportedly received a handwritten letter from “Br. Damon Johan Kelly”, who claimed to be responsible for three rounds of leafleting in Cambridge.

It reports that in one paragraph of the letter, ‘Brother Kelly’ “names several prominent PinkNews commenters”. Among them is “Charlie Bell of Cambridge LGBT”, who was President of the CUSU LGBT+ campaign in 2013/14, and to whom ‘Brother Kelly’ sends his “warmest regards.”

As reported in November, Cambridgeshire Police have so far declined to take action, citing “the right to Freedom of Expression... This includes opinions which may offend, irritate, shock or disturb."

Hesham Mashhour, Trinity College LGBT+ Welfare Officer and a member of the CUSU LGBT+ executive, told The Cambridge Student: “It is unfortunate that this ‘monk’ is allowed to continue distributing leaflets in Cambridge. These can be very distressing for members of the LGBT+ community.

“It is also unfortunate that the police department here at Cambridge do not prioritise the welfare of LGBT+ individuals by choosing to remain inactive. We cannot let this continue especially when he begins referring to students at Cambridge by name. I personally have felt unsafe at more than one occasion while walking the streets of Cambridge late at night.”

Brendan Mahon, current President of CUSU LGBT+, added: "CUSU LGBT+ regrets and condems the downright offensive actions of this man. The leaflets are disgustingly LGBT+phobic and have no place in our society, especially in a city as tolerant and open as Cambridge.

This ugly, hate-filled message should not be given a platform and we urge people not to read the awful leaflets. This man's abhorrent views don't need to be aired further."

Although previous leaflets have had a clear focus of homophobia, the vitriol of this latest leaflet also attacks non-Christians, western governments, and reproductive rights. It describes abortion as a “silent genocide... feeding the Devil’s blood lust for holy innocents... A holocaust ‘crying to heaven for vengeance’”.

It also claims that, “In Israel Jewish storm-troopers... turn the Holy Land, the land of Jesus, into a gigantic concentration camp”; that “Moslems in the Middle East and N. Africa pursue their favourite pastime of butchering and beheading”; and that “Hindus worship gods and goddesses who consume human flesh and make necklaces of their victims heads”.



According to PinkNews, the man has now been arrested. On 8 December, the monk was arrested on suspicion of a Section 5 (public order act: harassment) offence. He was bailed until 20 January, where he will return to Huntington Police Station. PinkNews also claim that he is the head of a Scotland-based Catholic charity, the Black Hermits.

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