Revealed: £50,000 travel bill from vice chancellor

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It has been revealed this week that the University’s vice-chancellor spent more than £50,000 on  flights and accommodation in 2014/15, and lives in a house worth over £4.5 million.

The University and College Union (UCU) submitted Freedom of Information requests to 159 higher education institutions for details of vice chancellors’ expenditures on “ flights, hotels, expenses and accommodation.”

Cambridge VC, Professor Leszek Borysiewicz, spent £18,151 on hotel accommodation in the 2014/15, second only to Professor Pamela Gillies of Glasgow Caledonian University, and £38,786 on flights, the fourth highest amount out of responding universities. 

The University chose not to answer questions about the cost of the VC’s accommodation per night.

However, he would have to have spent more than 41 nights in hotels in order to rank lower than first in the per night rankings.  The question of which class the VC  flies was also left blank.

Professor Borysiewicz has the most expensive residence of the heads of responding HEIs, with a 2014 valuation placing the house’s worth at £4,518,000.

A University spokesperson commented: “As the leader of a global institution, the Vice-Chancellor represents the University externally, both in the UK and abroad.  is involves foreign travel and promoting the University’s mission and its vital fundraising objectives. The Vice Chancellor’s Lodge is an official residence which is used for University events and for hosting visiting dignitaries from around the world.”

UCU’s questions also covered the number of employees paid over £100,000 and the heads of institutions’ salaries. Two of the University’s staff earn over £399,000; however, the VC is not amongst them, earning £325,000: a 5.5% decrease from 2013/14.

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