“Clown responsibly”, Cambridge residents told as “killer clown” craze reaches city

Image credit: Graeme Maclean

Cambridgeshire police and local businesses have urged an end to “killer clowning” after the craze sweeping the nation arrived in Cambridge this week.

The trend, which began in America, has reportedly resulted in activities ranging from the creepy clowns scaring passers-by, to more disturbing occasions where clowns have intimidated schoolchildren.

The first incident involving a “killer clown” reported to Cambridgeshire Police occured last Monday, when a man punched a clown which jumped on him. He later called the police after becoming concerned that the clown had had something in his hand.

Following the incident, Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner Jason Ablewhite warned that offenders could be prosecuted if they set out to deliberately distress others: “Whilst those dressed up as clowns might see this as ‘just a bit of fun’ it is anything but.

“I have spoken to the Constabulary and am reassured that anyone found to be terrifying or threatening others may warrant public order criminal offences.” 

Tracy Parkins, manager of fancy dress shop Partymania in the town centre, told Cambridge News, “We haven’t seen an increase in sales but of course we would be happy if it happened. I don’t really know why people are particularly bothered about clowns when people dress upas zombies.

“But people do get scared so if you are going to dress up as one then clown responsibly.” 

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