'One of the most photographed' trees in the world felled

Image credit: James F

‘One of the most photographed’ trees in the world was felled on Thursday 12 January.

As a result of an independent inspection in 2015, it was discovered that the iconic cherry tree, at the front of Clare’s Old Court, had bracket fungus. It was also already leaning badly.

Bracket fungus attacks the wood of living trees and some species are serious parasites. Ultimately it would have killed the tree.

After the felling of the 70-year-old tree grafts were taken of it, so that another one can be grown at some point in the future, according to the college.

Head gardener at the college Steve Elstub commented to the Daily Mail: 'We will be propagating from the old tree in order to have a new one from the same stock.'

To commemorate this tree, however, non-infected parts will be turned into coasters. The subsequent funds raised will be donated to the Cambridge-based charity Rowan, to help people with learning disabilities.

Indeed, Hannah Sharples, who is a development associate at the College, photographed the tree being cut down, and said: ‘Although it was sad to see the old tree go, I am excited about the possibilities for commemorating it.’

Following the felling Clare uploaded an album to Flickr containing photographs of the tree and its being cut down. They also asked that memories of the tree be emailed to: alumni@clare.cam.ac.uk

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