CUSU Council votes to support the NSS boycott

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CUSU Council yesterday voted to support the NUS boycott of the National Student Survey (NSS).

The results of the NSS would have been essential to the implementation of the Teaching Excellence Framework: year 2 (TEF 2), in allowing HE institutions with higher levels of student satisfaction and employment prospects to raise their tuition fees in line with inflation in the period 2018-21.

The motion was called by Amatey Doku, President of CUSU, and seconded by Roberta Huldisch, Education Officer. 35 voted in favour of supporting the boycott and 3 voted against it. There were 4 abstentions.

This comes in the wake of CUSU Council’s unanimous decision to oppose TEF 2, participation in which the University confirmed in December. This was followed by a provisional call on 15 December 2016 to boycott the NSS.

Indeed Amatey Doku, the President of CUSU, released a statement coinciding with the release of the NSS on 9 January 2017.

“Our advice to finalists is to not fill out the survey until CUSU Council has decided exactly how it will continue to oppose the TEF.”

Following yesterday’s decision it is clear that CUSU Council’s mandate is to continue to support the boycott. This follows in the footsteps of Oxford University Student Union, which resolved to back the boycott of the NSS earlier this month.  

The consequence of this decision is that CUSU will “actively encourage” finalists to boycott the survey. £250 of CUSU funds will also be allocated to communication and campaigning on the issue.

Campaign groups have suggested that if insufficient numbers of students fill out the NSS, then its results will be rendered invalid. This would impede the implementation of TEF 2 and the likely prospect that the University would apply for a Gold rating, which would allow it to increase its fees at the highest rate.

CUSU released a statement this afternoon outlining its position and urging finalists to boycott the NSS survey.

"CUSU is urging finalists not to fill out the National Student Survey."

It also detailed alternative ways in which finalists can provide feedback on their degree, the results of which would not be exploited to "underpin harmful government policy."

"CUSU runs the Student Lead Teaching Awards, you can give feedback at the end of lecture series, fill out the big Cambridge survey, or use the newly introduced Student Barometer survey."

More information is expected in the coming weeks. In the mean time anyone who has questions has been asked to email either Amatey Doku, the President, or Roberta Huldisch, the Education Officer. 

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