Incidents of indecent exposure on Sidgwick Avenue

The incidents occured near the Sidgwick Site Image credit: Scriniary via Geograph

There have been two recent incidents of indecent exposure reported in the area around Sidgwick Avenue, one of the roads leading up to the University's arts and humanities Sidgwick site.

The person concerned is reported to be a white male in his early 50s, 5ft4" or below in height, with a large build.

The police have been informed and will be patrolling the area. Students have been asked to report any further information to them.

Both incidents have taken place between 14:00 and 15:00.

Emails with the subject line 'Incidents' have been sent to all students and staff in the History and MML faculties, providing them with the description of the man and asking them to report any further information to the police. The email is thought to have originally been sent out by the Divinity Faculty, and has been forwarded to other faculties and colleges in the area.

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