Cambridge MP to vote against bill triggering article 50

Image credit: Daniel Zeichner via Facebook

Daniel Zeichner, MP for Cambridge, will vote against the bill that the Government published today that will trigger article 50 and start the process of leaving the EU.

When Cambridge overwhelmingly voted to remain part of the European Union last summer, Zeichner commented on Twitter, outlining his position.

“Let me be clear. When the vote on the EU comes before Parliament, my vote will reflect the overwhelming result in Cambridge”.

According to the LabourList Zeichner is one of 12 Labour MPs who have already vowed to vote against article 50. MPs who have sided with Zeichner in their vowel to vote against triggering article 50 include Owen Smith, Catherine West and Ben Bradshaw among others.

MPs will be given five days to debate the bill that will result in the UK’s departure from the EU. This comes in the wake of the Government losing its Supreme Court case on whether it could trigger article 50 without parliamentary consent. The subsequent bill is composed of two clauses and is just 137 words long.

On 24 January, following the court case, Zeichner commented that he was “pleased that Supreme Court confirms Parliament’s role – now we need White Paper. Britain’s future can’t be left to PM alone”.

In The progressive response to Brexit?, which he published on his website before the Brexit vote, he explained:

“I can assure you that in any vote in Parliament, I will be voting for Britain to stay in the EU. I will vote against any attempt to take Britain out of the single market and any deal which would damage Cambridge and its dynamic economy.”

Indeed Zeichner, as well as 42 other Labour MPs, wrote a letter to Theresa May earlier in January of this year protesting her plans to take the UK out of the single market and customs union, and at her willingness to default to the World Trade Organisation. They feel that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is not doing his best to oppose this. 

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