Audrey Sebatindira elected in NUS delegate by-election

Image credit: Rama via Wikimedia Commons

Three candidates stood for the position of CUSU NUS delegate in the by-election for which voting opened last Monday and closed at 11am today.

336 votes were cast, 199 of them for Sebatindira, 111 for Dani Jacobson, 16 for Nailya Shamgunova, and 10 for re-opening nominations. Nailya Shamgunova withdrew her candidacy from the running early on Tuesday.

Sebatindira is currently Women's Officer for CUSU and will be the latest addition to the team of NUS delegates who were elected last year.

The by-election was called due to an NUS rule which states that at least half of a university's delegation must self-define as a woman or as non-binary. 

In November, Eireann Attridge, Roberta Huldisch, Josh Jackson, and Jonty Leibowitz were elected as Sebatindira's colleagues, and the five delegates, as well as Amatey Doku who was automatically made a delegate upon his election as CUSU President, will represent Cambridge University students at the NUS conference in Brighton this April.

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