Theological college apologises for "queering the liturgy"

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One of the two theological colleges affiliated with the University, Westcott House, has apologised for a service held in their chapel on Tuesday, which included gay slang as part of the liturgy.

The service was delivered to mark the start of LGBT History Month.

Three trainee priests (ordinands) delivered the service using the 'Polari Bible', an adapted version of the King James translation, which substitues orthodox word choices with slang used by some in the LGBT+ community.

For example 'Jesus' becomes 'Josie', the Son becomes 'Homie Chavvie', and the Holy Spirit becomes 'Fantabulosa Fairy'. 

The Polari rhetoric was popularised in the 1960s by comedians, when homosexuality was still illegal, and this version of the Bible was created by gay activists.

As Westcott House is part of the Church of England, services conducted there have to conform to its practices. Officials present said that the service subverted the values of the Church.

Rev Canon Chris Chivers, principal of Westcott House, has apologised for the conduct of the ordinands and has vowed to ensure that this never happens again.

Westcott House has been contacted for comment.

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