Pink Week Ball shut down early due to attendees' behaviour

Image credit: Olivia Shallcross

This year’s Pink Week Ball was shut down early, allegedly due to the destructive behaviour of some of its guests.

The Ball marked the beginning of Pink Week, a week of events “aimed at raising funds and awareness for Breast Cancer charities” according to the campaign’s Facebook page. It was held at Parklands, Quendon Hall, a 17th-century mansion house, and raised at least £24,000 according to organisers.

The Ball, which was supposed to end between 1am and 2am, closed earlier than expected. According to The Tab Cambridge, this was due to the behaviour of certain individuals, who destroyed a £400 chandelier and smashed two windows. Lots of students were sick, and staff attempted to prevent guests from drinking in order to limit damage, The Tab claims.

However, the claims have been disputed, with one student telling The Cambridge Student: “I never saw a chandelier get knocked down or even get broken, so I don’t know where The Tab got that from. The only thing I can think of that might have damaged it is a helium balloon or something.”

The Pink Week Committee, speaking to the The Cambridge Student, commented: “The ball committee closed the event an hour early as they were concerned by alleged reports that certain guests’ behaviour disrespected the staff, the venue, the principles and reputation of Pink Week. 

"The small number of individuals who allegedly acted this way do not represent Pink Week and its values, and the committee took every reasonable measure to prevent this turn of events. The majority of our guests enjoyed the night by behaving respectfully, raising at least £24,000 for breast cancer charities.

"We hope Cambridge students respect and enjoy the remaining 59 events of Pink Week and appreciate our positive influence."

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