'Police brutality' claims made by Cambridge graduate

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Chaka Laguerre, who graduated from the University with an MPhil, is currently working as a lawyer at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the Hague. She was stopped last week by the police for crossing the road at a red light, something which she claims not to have known was a crime.

The police then asked her for identification, which she was unable to provide. As the police have a right to ask for ID at any time, they took her into the station. It is at this point that Laguerre claims she was 'roughed up' by the two male police officers who arrested her. She was eventually released from the holding cell by colleagues at the ICJ and ordered to pay a fine.

Her complaints were posted on Facebook. Athough a US citizen, Laguerre has Jamaican heritage and claims that her race was the reason for the brutality against her.

The Dutch police have dismissed the claims, citing CCTV footage as their evidence. In a statement the Police Department said: "The woman's allegation that there was racist and violent police action is totally unfounded.

Speaking to The Telegraph, she said of her experience: "This will continue to be the experience of people of colour in the Hague, unless we speak out."


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