Anti-Semitic notes left around Sidgwick

Image credit: Edward Anderson via Twitter

Flyers appearing to deny the Holocaust have been placed on cars around the Sidgwick Site, according to a University academic.

Edward Anderson, a research fellow in Commonwealth Studies, yesterday tweeted a photo of the anti-Semitic note, writing: “Someone has gone around the Sidgwick Site @Cambridge_Uni putting holocaust denial flyers under every windshield. Worrying. #Antisemitism”.

The flyer, titled “Who’s telling us our story?”, mentions the recent film Denial, which is based on the story of Deborah Lipstadt, an Holocaust scholar who was sued by Holocaust denier and writer David Irving. Irving eventually lost the case, with his work being discredited, and the judge described him as “anti-Semitic and racist”.

The note seems to question the trial’s outcome, saying: “A Hollywood film, just released in UK cinemas, would have us believe that a court case in 2009 proved the official version of the Holocaust.”

It goes on to quote “American author and historian” Michael Hoffman, who said, “I think that it’s interesting to note that history is so often tried by Hollywood. They...create [...] these strawmen of David Irving in the movie, and then attack that and present that as the reality. And I think that it’s an indicator of their insecurity and weakness, that they have to do this second hand through Tinsel Town rather than directly through a debate with bona-fide revisionist historians.”

The flyer ends by describing telling readers to get “the plain facts of the matter” rather than the “propaganda”.

Anderson told The Cambridge Student that he found the flyer "at probably around 5pm. Most staff cars were still parked on the Sidgwick Site and all of them had these flyers stuck under their wipers. I imagine I must have found it shortly after they had been placed there, as nearly all of them were still there.

"My colleague, whose car was parked on the other side of the Sidgwick Site (by West Road concert hall) said they were also under cars over there."

He said that he was contacted "very swiftly by someone at the University and estate management immediately went around the Sidgwick Site to check if there were any flyers still around. I don't think they found any, though".

Speaking to The Cambridge Student, a University spokesperson commented: "We have had several reports of offensive and antisemitic materials being left on the Sidgwick Site. Facilities staff were alerted immediately and the flyers were quickly removed. Staff are conducting regular sweeps of University sites, but any additional flyers should be reported to a member of staff immediately."

Another Twitter user, Claire Debenham (@Claire_Debenham), replied to Anderson claiming that she had also found a note under her windscreen on Parkside yesterday.

TCS has contacted the University for comment.

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