Cambridge city centre had highest percentage of Remain voters in country

Image credit: Stephen McKay

New voting statistics from the referendum on EU membership held last year have been released. They show the voting figures for specific wards. Until now, the most specific information available has been how people in each constituency voted.

The ward with the highest percentage of remain voters was 'Cambridge Market', the central ward in Cambridge. 87.8% of inhabitants of the area voted remain in the referendum.

The area is enclosed by the river Cam and the A603, and it is the location of eight colleges: Christ's, Corpus Christi, Downing, Emmanuel, Jesus, Pembroke, Peterhouse, and Sidney Sussex.

In Cambridge as a whole, 73.8% voted remain.

At the other end of the scale, the ward with the highest percentage of leave votes was Brambles and Thorntree in Middlesborough, with 82.5%.

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