Vice-Chancellor speaks out against anti-Semitism

One of the flyers found on cars by the Sidgwick site. Image credit: Edward Anderson

Following a series of anti-Semitic incidents within Cambridge recently, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz has published a statement, expressing his concern about anti-Semitism in the University, and about racism and bigotry as a whole.

Last week it was reported that leaflets expressing the denial of the Holocaust were distributed around the Sidgwick site, followed by police being notified that swastikas had been drawn on a map of Jesus Green and anti-Semitic posters had been removed from Christ's College.

The Vice-Chancellor said: "I strongly condemn the distribution of Holocaust denial leaflets across the University and elsewhere.

"The University of Cambridge is an inclusive, diverse and welcoming community. I urge you to join me in encouraging understanding, respect and open dialogue among all groups - within the University in particular and society in general."

The leaflets, found on the Sidgwick site last week, appeared to approve of the beliefs of David Irving, a historian found guilty of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial in 2000. The leaflets say "key elements of the official version [of the Holocaust] are demonstrably false and want revision".

Students of Christ's College also received an email on Tuesday notifying them that anti-Semitic posters had been removed from the College grounds. In the email, sent on behalf of the Master, it said: "The College deplores Holocaust denial and any other form of anti-semitism in the strongest possible terms."

Cambridge Jewish Society has been contacted for comment.

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