10-year-old boy applies for Lego professorship at the University

Image credit: Arto Alanenpää

A 10-year-old boy applied for the Lego Professorship of Play in Education, Development, and Learning that the University recently closed applications for.

Aedhan Brown, from Aylesbury, was listening to the Mix 96 radio breakfast show when he heard the presenters talking about the role, which prompted him to send in his application.

He received a response to his letter from Perrett Laver, the company handling recruitment for the role, praising him for his initiative, focus and vision for the future. The letter added that there had been about 200 applications for the role, however the University would only interview four or five.

It also promised to send a formal letter after a meeting with the Board of Electors, as well as to mention Aedhan to the Lego Foundation.

Aedhan commented to Mix 96: “I'm inspired, and I'm going to try again when I have a PhD I guess!”

His mother, Felicity, was equally delighted with the response.

“I was so delighted. I couldn't believe how lovely the letter was as well, it was inspirational. They said how impressed they were that a 10-year-old could even think about applying for a job, yet alone getting up and doing it.”

Applications for the role closed on 17 January. The University released a document explaining the role and detailing requirements.

The University invited “applications for this Professorship from outstanding scholars in the field of educational or developmental psychology in early years development and would particularly welcome applications from those working in the field of play and playfulness.”

In 2015, before the role was even advertised, a 9-year-old girl similarly submitted an application. She also cited her experience building Lego.

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